Retirement Plans for Employers

PPS Retirement Advisors provides retirement plan services to businesses across the United States, serving thousands of participants. The Corporate Retirement Plan market is our main focus and our depth of experience is what separates us. Whether your company offers a 401(K), 403(B), Profit Sharing, SIMPLE IRA or any other tax qualified plan, our Advisors are here to help.

Below is a brief listing of the services we offer to Plan Sponsors, Plan Fiduciaries and Plan Participants. 

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Plan Sponsor Services

One of the employer’s fiduciary responsibilities is to monitor the service providers that they engage and expose to their employees. Our team has a very broad knowledge base of plan service providers and can assist the employer in evaluating and benchmarking the investments, fees, tools and services available from various vendors. Our complete independence gives us the ability to be product agnostic and fully transparent in our evaluation process.
Plan success starts with proper plan design. A well-designed retirement plan fits the needs of both the employer, as well as the employees. Our extensive knowledge of plan documents, administration, audits and testing allow us to help you customize a plan to meet your needs. Ongoing, we assist the employer in maintaining an ideal design as both the pension regulations and the business evolve.
We assist the Plan Sponsor in identifying a robust lineup of options, allowing their employees the freedom to create risk and age appropriate strategies.
One of the things that separates PPS from our competitors is the fact that we are not only Retirement product and investment specialists, but we have technical knowledge of third party administration services that allow us to provide the Plan Sponsor an intense level of compliance support, as well as assisting them to navigate an audit situation with the DOL or IRS should one occur.
Many Employers fail to analyze employee engagement in the proper form. Raw data such as participation rates do not sufficiently tell if employees are on track to successful retirement outcomes. We assist the Plan Sponsor in understanding what plan health really means and then help them to implement financial wellness programs that seek to best position their employees for favorable retirement outcomes.

Plan Fiduciary Assistance

Many employers have heard the term “Fiduciary” but very few really understand the responsibilities and potential liabilities that come along with the title. We work with the Plan Fiduciaries to understand and fulfill their obligations to the plan, as well as help them to minimize their liability wherever possible.
One of a Plan Fiduciaries many responsibilities is to understand and evaluate the reasonableness of their plan’s fees. The various fees associated with tax qualified retirement plans are not always easily understood. We help the employer to identify and monitor the fee structure of their plan on an ongoing basis, as well as work with the providers to reduce plan expenses over time as the assets grow.
The Investment Policy Statement outlines the Fiduciaries process for the creation and ongoing monitoring of the plan’s fund lineup. We assist the Plan Sponsor in crafting an effective Investment Policy Statement and then adhering to it ongoing.
Not all advisors are the same!!!! Some have the capacity to act as a co-fiduciary to the plan, many do not. We can serve as an investment fiduciary and can assist with the process as a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary depending on the client’s needs.

Participant Services

Initial enrollment is arguably the most critical time for an employee. You can’t reach the finish line if you never get started! We help drive employee participation through an array of education programs including live enrollment meetings, webex’s, podcasts and other means of media. We explain the concepts of retirement investing and how the plan works to employees on a level they can related to and feel comfortable with.
Whether at initial enrollment or ongoing, our ability and willingness to deliver individualized education on site at the employer or in our offices will help your employees understand and fully utilize the plan, ultimately driving more favorable retirement outcomes.
Through the use of customized planning tools, our advisors have the ability to work with employees to understand their current savings status and whether a “gap” exists between their savings and their goals.

Ancillary Services

We are also able to assist the employer with an array of group benefits such as Group Life, STD, LTD, State DBL, as well as voluntary benefits for the employees.
Often we are asked to help the business design programs to specifically reward top key executives. At PPS, we can help structure an array of bonus or deferred compensation programs to fit each employers unique needs.

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